5 Reasons to Choose a Pre-Owned Car

used car

Many car buyers opt for a brand-new unit since for them, it’s more aesthetically-pleasing, has better safety and performance, and comes with great features such as cruise control system, onboard navigation, and others.

However, there are still a great number of buyers who prefer using their hard-earned money on a used car, which, for them, offers benefits that are hard to pass on. If you share the same view, then you have to realize what perks you can really enjoy by buying a used vehicle.

Here are five of the best reasons getting a secondhand vehicle is a great idea:

Lots of makes and models to choose from

One great thing about buying a pre-loved vehicle is that you get to choose from a lot of makes and models available in second-hand car dealerships. For example, you may opt for a pre-owned 4WD SUV or go for a minivan so you can take your family and friends on cross-state road trips. There are reliable sellers of pre-loved SUVs, sedans, minivans, and other vehicle types in Phoenix, so you only have to visit a reputable one and check out their inventory.

Lower insurance premiums

used car in a parking lotIf you own a car that is several years old, then you’re almost certainly going to pay a lower insurance premium than if you have one that is the latest model in the market. This makes sense since second-hand model cars have a lower market value than the newer ones, so insurance companies are taking a lower risk with used vehicles than they do with brand-new models.

Slower depreciation rate

It’s a given fact that brand-new vehicles tend to depreciate at a faster rate than old-model ones. A brand-new unit this year may be priced significantly cheaper a few years into the future. When you buy a used vehicle, the previous owner or owners have taken the depreciation hit for you, plus the fact that used vehicles depreciate slower than brand-new units.


Potential used car buyers are now better protected in terms of the performance and overall condition of the vehicles they’re buying because the government has placed safety nets in place. These days, it takes a few clicks to access the vehicle records of units being sold in the market with Consumer Reports.

These vehicles are given a certification to ensure that they are well-maintained by the past owners. So, the trick here is to do your research on the vehicle you wish to buy and only consider buying the one with proper certification.

Less upfront payment

When you’re buying a brand-new car, you would most likely need to shell out a considerable amount of money upfront. With a used car, on the other hand, you can actually save enough to buy it on a cash basis instead of taking out a mortgage.

But if you can’t pay in cash, you would still pay a considerably lower upfront fee with a used vehicle than with a brand-new one. So, if you have a small budget right now, then getting a used car is your logical choice.

With this information, it should be a no-brainer for you to consider getting a used vehicle soon. Just be sure to buy only from a reliable dealer, so you won’t have any problem in the future.

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