Boosting Productivity: Modern Office Design Trends

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More and more businesses are incorporating modern office interior design trends and are stepping away from the traditional looks of office spaces. There are now different approaches to what a workspace looks like to improve the work experience and to further boost employee productivity. There are some notable touches that could range from the simple free coffee vending machines to indoor gyms – and sometimes even rock climbing walls. Gone are the days where the employees would work in small spaces that are supposed to be used for different purposes. Businesses incorporate new design ideas to improve the quality of their workers’ performance while still sticking to the company’s culture and vision. Here are a few of those trends that are quite unusual yet effective:

Flexible and Open Seating Spaces

Some companies have adapted to having an open and free space in their work area to allow the employees to take breaks and recharge. In 2019, some companies started experimenting with free seating in the work area. This means an employee can freely choose to sit wherever they feel most comfortable and productive. While the more common norm at the moment is to assign permanent work stations, some companies now have more seating spaces available for the employees throughout the whole office.

Sustainability and Environmental Designs

There is a trend of sustainable design among workplaces. The idea is that these are most effective for keeping in touch with nature and having a harmonious relationship with modernity and the ever-changing digital world. This means having to maximize the use of recycled and sustainable materials to align with environmental conservation and building an energy-saving workplace. This is said to encourage more employees to know that they contribute to a company’s workforce, and at the same time, to not harming the environment on a larger scale.

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Creative and Efficient Conference Rooms

Thanks to new technology, the facilities of conference rooms have upgraded to a higher level. This is to the point where it is easier to access files and present ideas to a whole group of people. Smart TVs are installed in conference rooms, with the benefit that any device could connect and easily access a presentation without the worry of any delays. While it is not exactly a new trend, more offices and companies have decided to utilize available technology for the best. There are even talks of an advanced A/V lighting that could automatically detect and set the settings for an employee just by walking in! So much time could be saved from trying to make a projector work, or even finding a cable connector compatible with an employee’s laptop.

A ‘Feel-at-Home’ Workspace Design and Atmosphere

There are a number of companies that now use similar materials from house construction when building out their offices. This is said to encourage an employee by allowing them to feel comfortable as it curates a work environment in which they seem to be familiar. This would not only create a perfect ‘friendly’ atmosphere for co-workers, but also a great way for them to feel more relaxed and welcome.

Most companies are now truly trying to get more personal with their employees as the world and its ideologies continue to change. Sometimes, all it takes is a comfortable, safe, and stress-free work environment.

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