Accessories and Gadgets for Added Car Safety

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Safety is your top priority when driving. Other than following traffic rules and observing caution every time you go behind the wheel, there are other things you can do to improve your car’s safety. There are many accessories and gadgets designed to help you have a more convenient, more comfortable, and safer driving experience. Here are some features and devices that you must have in your car.

Smartphone Mount

Driving while using a mobile phone is dangerous and, under some conditions, against the law. There are times, however, when you need your phone for easier navigation and receive and make calls. A smartphone mount allows you to use your smartphone more safely and comfortably. You can strategically place the holder within your line of vision so that you can see the navigation app display while keeping your eyes on the road.

Window Tint

Window tint is not a new item, but it is one feature that some motorists tend to take for granted. Other than adding a layer of privacy and blocking harmful UV rays, window tint also helps protect you and your passengers from flying shattered glass in case of an accident. Gleaning from window-tinting services in Phoenix, these films will also shield you against the glare of sunlight and the blinding headlights of oncoming vehicles.

Bluetooth Car Kit

Back to the need to operate your smartphone hands-free, a Bluetooth car kit is another must-have. You can plug this kit into your car to make and receive calls easier, as well as play music without touching a button while driving.

Blind Spot Mirrors

Blind spot mirrors alert you when someone or something is in your blind spot. This item comes in the form of a light that is built into your side-view mirror. It flashes to alert you when someone is nearby, preventing a potential accident on the road. Newer car models have their own built-in blind spot monitoring system.

Dash-mounted Camera

A dash-mounted camera or dashcam records and saves the captured video, which can be very useful in case of road accidents. They might not be considered a line of defense against injury, but its saved footage can help detect the party at fault.

GPS Tracker

a man using GPS

GPS trackers are designed to connect with your smartphone so that you’re updated with the whereabouts of your car. Many parents use these devices to detect their children’s use of their family vehicle. More importantly, GPS trackers come handy during unfortunate situations of car theft.

Electronic Massage Pillow

Driving can also be a very stressful chore, especially when there’s heavy traffic or when you’re heading home after a busy day at work. Your neck and back are prone to stress during long hours of driving. An electric massage pillow is an answer to this problem. It has massage rollers and heating function that help your neck and back muscles stay relaxed throughout your drive.

These gadgets and accessories can make a huge difference in your driving experience. Don’t hesitate to spend on these products to make your journey safer and more comfortable.

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