Are You Ready: 3 Most Stressful Moments in Home Buying

Couple receiving house keys

It’s without question that buying a home is among life’s most stressful events. Not only because you’re pulling out a huge sum of money, but because you’re faced with different sets of challenges at every turn. The best way to get yourself ready for these challenges is to be familiar to them.

With that said, here are the 3 most stressful moments when buying a home and how to overcome them:

Finding the right home in the right place

What makes this particularly taxing is that finding the perfect home in a perfect place literally takes so much time and energy to accomplish. For one, you have to go to open houses or unit viewings.

You need to take notes while inspecting the property, paying attention to the dimensions of the space, the over-all feel of the home, and the renovations or fixes you might need. You must also drive up to the location at different times of the day on different days to get the general atmosphere of the neighborhood.

All these would mean missing some work days and reviewing your notes every now and then, weighing pros and cons, deciding which one’s the best.

So how do you curb this stress? Be smarter in your search. From the very beginning, you can already narrow down the properties you’ll be seeing. When you check out homes online, like in, use filters based on location, budget, number of bedrooms, and types of amenities. Only those that turn up would make it to your to-visit list. If possible, visit the homes on the same day. Do it in one go to avoid too many inconveniences in your routine and work.

Saving up for the down payment

It’s not surprising that this is a huge source of stress. You’re pressured to raise enough money at a certain period of time. Considering the other expenses you might already have, this step towards homeownership can be hard.

Of course, there’s also the anxiety of not knowing if you can indeed raise that amount of money. A lot of people get discouraged about this that they tend to back out completely from the home buying game and rent instead. Getting their own home then gets pushed back and pushed back.

So how do you overcome this hurdle? You don’t need to postpone making your dream a reality. For one, there are lots of properties today that have zero down payment, especially condo units. What’s more, these are properties located at the heart of the metro, offering high-quality and convenient amenities. They’re not so-so properties. You just have to use online tools to see these options.

Additionally, there are lots of ways to save money. You may get a side hustle. Check out online jobs you can do on the weekends or during your free time at work. Commit to cutting down unnecessary expenses, too, like lunch out with officemates or midnight online shopping splurges.

Selling your current home

Agent holding house key

The sale of your current home can add more to your savings, but if it’s not selling fast or you’re not getting any good offers, it can be really frustrating. Some find themselves giving in to bad deals, just so they can take the burden off their shoulders. Soon, they regret their decision, starting again another cycle of stress.

What can you do about this? Take a break. Selling your home, while buying another can be really tiring. So, hit pause first. Go on a vacation or have a family bonding time. After your break, recalibrate your strategies in selling your home. Perhaps, you can spruce up the photos on your listing. Stage your home professionally, so you can have really great images. Talk more about your plan to sell to your circle of friends, so they could spread the word to their friends.

Stress Less About Your Home

Buying a home is stressful, but it’s possible to overcome it. Just be aware of the challenges coming your way, so you can better prepare.

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