All You Need to Know Before Organizing a Backyard Wedding

backyard wedding

You don’t need to spend thousands of dollars on an event place to get that dream wedding of yours. There’s no need to throw away cash like it’s nothing to have one evening of merriment, celebrating the most momentous event of your life. Unless you’re born with a silver spoon stuck in your mouth, you work hard for what you have now. It isn’t easy throwing that amount away for a wedding—even if it’s your own.

A backyard wedding is a fun and cheap alternative to a hotel ballroom wedding. You can all an awning company in Massachusetts to install a large overhead awning in your backyard. You can call contractors from other cities as well. A large awning will make sure that your guests will have a place to relax before the wedding ceremony and party. This is particularly important if your wedding’s happening during the summer or rainy season, when the weather can be incredulously unpredictable.

Be Creative and Imaginative

But planning a backyard wedding isn’t easy as it seems, too. You’re saving a lot of money for not renting an event place, but that also means making do with what’s available in your home. If you do not hire a caterer, this means that the people who are assigned to cook the food will have to fit themselves in the kitchen. They won’t have state-of-the-art kitchen tools, so they will be slower than normal.

Do Things by Yourself

Instead of being a chill bride that lounges on a chaise before her wedding, you’ll be that bride who’s running around the house and the backyard, making sure that everything’s in place. Even if there is someone in your family assigned to this task, you won’t be able to help it. You’ll be checking things yourself because you want everything to be perfect.

Accommodate Guests

newlywed couple and their friends

How do you say no to relatives who want to stay in your house for the wedding? They’ll be traveling from outside the state, which means that they need a place to stay possibly before and after the wedding. Are you willing to accommodate them? There’ll surely be instances like this, so you need to prepare your answer and quite possibly any extra rooms that you have.

Prepare to Be Judged

Unfortunately, not all people are going to see the practicality in your decision to hold the wedding in your backyard. Some relatives and even friends will look down their nose at you and wonder why you have thought about getting married if you don’t have the money for a nice ceremony and reception. You’ll hear things a bride shouldn’t have to deal with on her special day. Learn to ignore these things. They have been invited because they are special to you. If they manage to say something about the way you want to get married, you know now that these people are not your people.

Do not be embarrassed about what you are able to afford. Look at your partner. They are the only one that matters. It should be okay for both of you to marry before anyone or no one at all. Making an effort to turn your backyard into a gorgeous space to say your “I dos” is just a bonus.

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