Keeping Rust at Bay: How to Protect Your Business from Corrosion

corroded metal

• Rust can cause major property damage and threaten the safety of customers and employees.

• Inspect the establishment for rust, including exhaust vents, plumbing fixtures, and air quality.

• Using soap and water for cleaning and avoiding harsh chemicals can help prevent damage.

• Protect the outside of the establishment by cleaning and regular maintenance, applying sealant or paint protection, and replacing metal fencing with aluminum.

Rust is an enemy of any business owner. It is not a good sight to see. Not only can rust cause major damage to your property, but it can also threaten the safety of your employees and customers. It’s important to prevent rust from forming in and around your business establishment. The good news is that there are several steps you can take to reduce the risk of corrosion.

The Risks of Rust to Your Business

Rust can cause major damage to your property, including machinery and equipment. For example, rust can cause tremendous downtime and costly repairs if you operate a manufacturing business. Regarding safety, rust can also be a major threat to your customers and employees. Rusty nails or sharp edges from corroded metal can injure people on your premises. It could also damage your reputation if customers or visitors notice the rust.

Fortunately, there are ways to reduce the risk of corrosion on your property, inside and outside.

Inside Your Business Establishment

When it comes to preventing rust inside your business, prevention starts with proper maintenance. If a part of your building has been affected by corrosion, you must address it as soon as possible. Here are the parts that need checking and replacing the most:

Exhaust Vents

Exhaust vents are responsible for helping air circulate in an enclosed area. They are prone to corrosion due to their constant exposure to moisture and salt. When these become compromised, it can cause airborne particles accumulate and form rust on any metal surface nearby. To reduce the risk of corrosion, you should inspect these vents regularly and replace any corroded parts with new materials such as aluminum or stainless steel.

Plumbing Fixtures

Another way to prevent corrosion in bathrooms, kitchens, and laundry rooms is by ensuring all plumbing fixtures are properly installed and maintained. Leaky pipes are a major source of moisture that can lead to corrosion if not addressed quickly. Ensure all drains have strainers installed so dirt doesn’t build up on the surface of pipes and fixtures, which can lead to more moisture gathering than usual.

Air Quality

Maintaining healthy air quality inside your business is key to preventing corrosion. Air filters should be changed regularly, and any moisture that accumulates in the air should be addressed immediately. Poor air circulation can cause humidity to rise, creating an ideal environment for rust to form. Focus on keeping the air dry by opening doors and windows, turning on fans, or using dehumidifiers.

Outside Your Business Establishment

When protecting the exterior of your business from rust, here are things you can do:

Cleaning and Regular Maintenance

The best defense is regular maintenance and cleaning. Cleaning off dirt and debris will help ensure that the metal surfaces remain dry for longer, preventing oxidation and further degradation from rusting. Use cleaning solutions that don’t contain abrasives or other harsh chemicals, as these could cause more damage than good. A good example is soap and water.

Sealant and Paint Protection

Applying sealant or paint protection to the exterior of your building can help prevent rust from taking hold. Sealants and paints are particularly effective in areas prone to humidity or saltwater exposure, such as along coastal regions. This is because these are made with corrosion-resistant ingredients such as zinc and epoxy that protect the surface from moisture. You can re-apply sealants and paints every two to three years to maintain their effectiveness.

A professional painting a wall white

Replace Metal Fencing with Aluminum

Metal fencing is a common choice for businesses due to its durability, but it’s also susceptible to rust. Consider replacing metal fencing with aluminum to reduce the risk of corrosion and damage. Aluminum fence panels are cost-effective, lightweight, and resistant to corrosion. They’re easy to install and don’t require the same maintenance level as metal fencing. Furthermore, installing commercial aluminum fence panels can add a sophisticated look to your business property due to its sleek, modern design.

Protecting yourself from potential liabilities caused by corrosion is essential as a business owner. Thankfully, it doesn’t have to be hard or expensive! Regularly maintaining interior and exterior surfaces in your establishment can keep the rust away from your business for years! These simple steps could save you time, energy (and money) down the road!

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