Cabinets: The Biggest Reason Kitchen Remodels Become Too Expensive

Kitchen Remodels

Do you want to remodel a kitchen without going over budget? The right choice of cabinets can single-handedly control your expenses.

Homeowners in Layton, Utah, may save from $10,000 to $20,000 if they choose stock cabinetry options. Finished products represent at least 65% of your budget, so you need to be more flexible with your preferred cabinet styles to avoid burning a hole in your pocket. Countertop styles and installation tend to have an even price ratio, as cheaper styles normally entail more affordable labor fees.

Cabinets and Countertops

The average cost of installing a granite countertop in Layton ranges from around $11,550 to $14,701. You should expect to spend $65.62 per square foot to install granite slabs over 215 square feet of kitchen space. The final cost may reach more than $13,000 for the same size. On the other hand, cabinet installation may cost an average of $6,000 depending on the style. Most contractors often charge higher rates for mid- and high-quality styles.

If you’re unsure about the right amount, go for a smaller budget since you’ll have a higher chance of recovering most of it upon a resale. A granite countertop installation can increase the value of your house by almost $8,400. Since it’s not possible to regain 100% of your investment, you should choose the right kind of cabinets and countertops that will make you want to use them before selling the house.

Other Cost Factors

Tile and flooring will also affect the total cost of your kitchen remodel, despite not being as significantly cost-disruptive as cabinets. As an example, the end price of a laminate floor worth $7 per square foot may be the same with a ceramic tile floor costing $5 per square foot when you take labor expenses into account.

The laminate usually ranges from $1 per square foot to $10 per square foot. Installation expenses may cost less than the finished product’s price, especially if you choose a floating laminate floor system. Glue- and nail-down options will require you to spend more on professional installation.

Estimate Your ROI

Once you determine the biggest price factors for a kitchen remodel, you’ll have to think whether spending that much makes sense from an investment perspective. A bigger budget doesn’t guarantee a larger return. In fact, smaller projects worth around $20,000 tend to provide the biggest returns.

A report showed that if you spend $21,198 on a minor kitchen remodel, you could recover up to $17,193 of the initial expenses. By contrast, you could only recover $67,212 from a high-end project worth $125,721. Do some research about the Layton market and find out what buyers are looking for in a kitchen.

Full-kitchen remodeling projects usually cost $50,000, while minor remodels cost around $20,000. The actual figure largely depends on your choice of cabinets. It’s advisable to use stock cabinetry because the cost of installation will often cost less than the product’s price, as opposed to high-end styles that usually require you to spend more on professional installation.

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