Construction 101: What Clients Really Need from Contractors


Being in the construction industry is a lucrative business these days, especially in the residential market says Statista. The competition in this field has increased, and if you want to get ahead of the pack, you have to meet your clients’ needs. Some of these needs include the following.


Who does not want to know that at the end of a project, there is extra cash for additional furnishings or decors? We know everybody does. Hence, as contractors, being able to save money for your clients is a plus point.

But make sure that when you cut corners, it does not mean using cheaper materials. Saving money could also mean improving your strategy and operations so you would not spend too much on other things, such as hiring a dumper and other heavy equipment.

Even if you have several clients, buying your heavy equipment is still a significant investment. For one, you have to maintain these machines. Next, you need to have them insured. Lastly, you need to store these machines when you don’t have a project?

If you choose to rent, you won’t have to worry about these. The rental company will take charge of all of them, which means you’ll save money too.

Completing Projects on Time


Nobody wants delays. So how do you make sure you reach your construction targets on time? Make sure you are bidding for the right project. Do not choose one that you know your team cannot complete on time. Review each project carefully to see if your team can deliver.

Next, be realistic with your target. Do not overpromise to your clients to make your offer look good. Keep in mind the possible delays that may hinder the construction. These delays include weather conditions, workers’ availability, and budget.

Last, keep track of your target—both schedule and budget. Some construction projects experience delays because they did not keep track of their objectives. There were instances when they found out about the lack of budget too late into the construction process.

Communicate Always

Your clients are human just like you, so deal with them the same way you want others to treat you.

Communicate effectively. If there are possible delays, let them know and always offer an alternative or temporary solution.

Deal with them nicely. Your clients will know if you are using subpar materials and not the quality ones you promised.

Involve them in the process. Give them updates on the progress. Explain concepts that are new to them. There are clients, particularly those who are building their first home and don’t understand the rationale behind your decisions. Sometimes they will ask you to explain why you’re using one material over another; answer the question rationally and be patient to explain this.

Whether you’re catering to the biggest client in the world or a small family wanting to have their first home, they want the same things regardless of the size of the project. If you can be all of these, you will gain the upper hand in the industry.

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