Covid-19 and Airbnb: How the Crisis Revolutionized the Industry

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Among the industries that suffered the most during the Covid-19 crisis are the travel and hospitality industries. With most consumers sheltering in place and some states and countries under lockdown, many businesses under these two categories tried hard to cope. But one type of business that managed to succeed despite the pandemic is Airbnb.

Why Airbnbs Are Surviving in the Midst of the Pandemic

Many Airbnbs indeed had to step up their game just to survive the crisis. But compared to hotels, Airbnbs managed to thrive better thanks to its aesthetic appeal and low-cost, long-term accommodations. Consumers like the fact that they can stay at a homey and Instagrammable spot for longer periods without having to pay premium prices.

The pandemic made consumers miss the joys of traveling. As borders started to open and the rollouts of vaccines made more people more confident to go out, many people opted to choose staycations instead of going out of border or international during the pandemic. This helped local businesses thrive, including local Airbnbs.

Airbnbs allowed local travelers to get away from the usual stresses of their usual environment without having to travel far. This made Airbnbs the perfect go-to staycation spot during the pandemic. One can expect the Airbnb industry to continue to thrive even after the pandemic is over.

How Airbnbs Changed During the Pandemic

Airbnb owners needed to change their gameplay during the pandemic. They have to step up their game to accommodate more health-conscious travelers wanting to enjoy longer trips. They can no longer simply rely on regular marketing stunts as many things have changed during the crisis.

Here’s how Airbnbs managed to change in accordance with what pandemic consumers want and need.

Effective Online Marketing Strategies

Before, many Airbnbs only focused on advertising their services to international consumers. They tried hard to catch the attention of travelers coming from other places. Their biggest revenue came from travelers who are not from the local consumers.

But during the pandemic, they made the right decision by also targeting local consumers. Localized search engine optimization allowed them to boost their online presence locally. This prompted consumers to need a great staycation venue for their next trip.

Increased Sanitation and Disinfection

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Since health and safety became the number one priority during the crisis, Airbnbs invested in sanitation and disinfection services to boost the confidence of their guests. They went from regular cleaning to deep sanitation and disinfection. This applies to every room being rented out before, during, and after every guest used the space.

Before, hospitality businesses like Airbnbs relied on linen rental services to provide guests with clean and presentable towels, napkins, table linens, and other fabric household goods. Now, they need to do more than just ensure these goods are cleaned well and smell fresh. If you cannot convince your guests that you are doing what you can to provide them with sanitized and disinfected goods, they might change their minds about renting out your Airbnb.

The same goes for the other enhanced cleaning processes for Airbnbs. They now use disinfectants approved by regulatory agencies and ensure the space is always well-ventilated. Transparency helps owners clean their business during, between, and after Airbnb guests.

Enhanced Safety for Employees

Owners are also doing what they can do to ensure the safety of their employees. Many Airbnbs encouraged their employees to get vaccinated to increase the confidence of potential guests. In exchange, they are also allowing mid-crisis reservations and accommodations provided travelers already got their vaccinations.

Airbnbs also provide their employees with the right personal protective equipment to ensure their safety. With these additional precautions in place, employees feel safe and well-cared for. But that’s not everything you can do to provide for your employees.

You can address your employee’s unique needs to help them navigate the crisis. For one, if they are unable to work due to being infected with the virus, find ways to keep their job after recovery. Extend support as much as you can, and you get to keep your best people.

Convenient Airbnb Booking

Consumers want better flexibility when searching for Airbnbs, paying for their stay, or even canceling at the last minute. These unprecedented times made it a must that business owners show empathy and compassion to guests who also have their own challenges during the pandemic. This is where the use of different tech tools revolutionized Airbnb bookings.

This list shows just how much Airbnb landscape changed during the pandemic. Knowing these changes and finding solutions to pandemic consumer pain points is one way to improve your Airbnb business for the better. You can use this list as a guide in case you need more ideas on how to make the most out of your Airbnb business during and after the pandemic.

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