How to Keep Employees Working Efficiently During an Office Renovation

modern styled office

Most of the time, office renovations are disruptive and can cause a lot of noise and chaos. Some businesses halt their operations but others would prefer to continue working to avoid losses. With a few simple tips, you can help your employees stay focused and productive despite the hassle of working in a space that is being renovated.

modern styled office

1. Get rid of the clutter

Clutter can make employees feel stressed and anxious. It would be best to remove anything that might distract them from their work. Put all files in storage boxes, put books on shelves or in cabinets, keep only the essentials at desks, use smaller containers for office supplies. You can even look for residential movers that offer storage solutions. They can temporarily store unnecessary office equipment if you don’t have enough space in your building.

2. Boost morale

Office renovations are stressful, even for employees who aren’t directly involved. They end up working in dusty or loud environments that can reduce their focus and productivity. While you want to encourage your employees to work through the hassle, it would also be best to help them feel better about it. Organize a company potluck or order food for everyone. Let them take a break to relax and forget about the renovation for a few minutes.

3. Provide Wi-Fi access

A lot of businesses would offer their employees free or discounted internet connection deals during office renovations, mostly to help them work from home. This is a good way to save space in your building since there wouldn’t be as many people using the internet. You can even set up a temporary space in another area of your building to let them use their devices in peace for a little while.

4. Help them de-stress

Whether through meditation, exercise, or an activity that interests them such as playing video games or watching TV shows and movies, encourage an activity that can help your employees stay relaxed. A study shows that office workers are less stressed after spending time playing video games, regardless of whether they are good at gaming or not.

5. Let them work from home

If you’re having a building renovation, chances are it’s going to be noisy and dusty. You can’t expect your employees to work in this environment all day and still get the best results. It may be best to let them work from home for a short period of time until the construction is complete or until the dust has settled and the noise is no longer a concern.

6. Set up a temporary office space

If you can’t let employees work from home, another good alternative is to set up a temporary workspace in a building that doesn’t have any construction going on. Workplaces like cafes and restaurants may allow you to use their space for a small fee or might offer it as a package deal with the food and drinks your employees will need to stay energized.

7. Give a tour of the renovation

Some employees may feel anxious about working in a space that is being renovated. They might get distracted from their work by wondering if their building is safe or thinking about how it looks different from before. To help them feel more at ease, set up a tour of the renovation area. Let them see the extent of the work and how it will benefit your office in the long run.

8. Use headphones when needed

While you want to encourage teamwork, some employees may need to work alone particularly when they are experiencing a lot of distractions due to noise or dust in your building. You can offer them the use of headphones to help them stay focused. Noise-canceling ones can be especially effective in blocking out loud banging and bashing of construction equipment.

9. Provide light snacks

Another way to boost morale during office renovations is to offer light snacks to your employees. They probably won’t need heavy meals since they would most likely want to go home and rest later on anyway. Make sure the food is healthy, though, since you don’t want them feeling sluggish or sleepy at their desks.

Office renovations can be a hassle for employees, even if they’re not directly involved in the construction. By using some of the tips we’ve provided, you can help your employees feel better about the situation and stay productive during this time. Whether it’s through organizing food events, providing Wi-Fi access, or letting them work from home, we hope these tips will make your office renovation go more smoothly.

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