Creative Upgrades to Boost Your Home’s Value

Renovation concept

In today’s tight real estate market, adding value to your home has become more crucial than ever. Whether you’re looking to future-proof your home or make a quick sale, the right home remodeling projects can help you work your way up the property ladder.

That said, here are a few upgrades you might want to consider:

Add light and space

Nobody wants to live in a dark and cramped space. Attract potential buyers by opening up the house and allowing more natural light to enter. Knock down a few walls to brighten up the space and open up your floor plan. An open floor plan merges your den, kitchen, and dining area into a single space that looks larger and more casual. It also makes your home more welcoming, since you can combine kitchen duties while entertaining guests or just hanging out with family. An open plan is an excellent choice for couples with youngsters because it allows parents to prepare meals while keeping an eye on the kids.

Similarly, vaulted ceilings give the effect of open space while adding rustic charm to your living area. Skylights can also help flood your home in natural light, making it look more spacious and inviting.

If you have the space, adding rooms can boost a home’s sale appeal. Rooms can increase square footage, and raised ceilings will even maximize the feeling of spaciousness. Or you can simply combine small rooms to add a master’s bedroom or a new bathroom.

Convert your basement


If you’re not ready to tear down your walls, consider finishing your basement. Basement space is flexible enough to be transformed into a bar, study, guest space, or playroom. Basements are usually the most insulated areas in houses, so they tend to be comfortable and warm for any use.

Adding a bathroom to your basement can further increase the value of the remodel. Remember to let natural light in, or install LED lights if you don’t have enough windows.

Boost your curb appeal

An excellent first impression is incredibly important when you want to sell your property. Research shows that homes with better curb appeal generally sell around 7% more than similar properties with an unattractive exterior.

Giving your exterior walls a fresh coat of paint is usually a great place to start. Select colors that fit the period of your home and add a few details like shutters and window boxes for extra character. The driveway or walkway should also be adequately paved.

A gorgeous, well-kept front yard will help attract more buyers. Consider drought-tolerant plants and perennials for easier maintenance. Natural plants can also provide natural beauty all year long.

Install a deck

A deck is a big value booster to any home. Outdoor living has become very popular in recent years, and a deck allows you to commune with nature while increasing square footage.

Decks are major home additions and require planning and professional assistance. Elevate your deck by adding unique features like fire pits, built-in benches, or lights and garlands. It’s also wise to paint or stain the deck using colors that complement your home’s overall design.

If you plan on moving to a better property in the future, you need to maximize the value of your current home. Particular renovations may cost a small fortune, but the increased functionality and appeal to home buyers will undoubtedly pay off in the end.

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