How to Market Your Cosmetic Services to Men

Cosmetic clinic for men

Although women are still the predominant market for cosmetic procedures, the percentage of male clientele is steadily increasing. This increase can be attributed to several reasons, such as the growing acceptability of cosmetic procedures, the loosening of gender conventions, and the psychological effects of social media.

Thatsaid, cosmetic clinics should tap into this continuously growing market as soon as possible. However, effectively marketing your services to men requires strategies that are a little different.

1. Know what they want

In general, men prefer minimally invasive cosmetic procedures with short downtimes, such as fat freezing, Botox, and microneedling. But for some men, going under the knife is worth looking ten years younger again. Among the cosmetic surgeries available, the most common ones that men request include hair transplantation, eyelid rejuvenation, rhinoplasty, neck lift, liposuction, and gynecomastia surgery.

To successfully tap this market, you must be aware of what your male clients want. More specifically, you have to know what their goals are. Do they want to look younger? Thinner? More masculine? What type of procedure are they willing to undergo to achieve these goals? What are their fears and uncertainties about cosmetic procedures? Conduct a market survey and ask these questions to your respondents. Afterward, you can fine-tune your marketing strategies based on the results.

2. Have a male-specific approach

Men and women have differing facial anatomies, cutaneous physiologies, and skeletal structures. However, the beauty industry doesn’t pay enough attention to the needs and preferences of men as much as they do to women’s.

That said, one of the best ways to attract more men to your practice is to offer a male-centered approach. Clinicians must tailor their procedures to the male anatomy, particularly in areas where the differences between men and women are greatest. Doing this will not only yield positive outcomes from the procedures, but it will also make male clientele feel more comfortable and trusting.

3. Post content geared towards men

When it comes to cosmetics, men have a hard time asking for help, much less knowing what they want. And for many men, going directly to the clinic is unlikely. So what do you do when your potential clients aren’t even walking in the door?

Use your website! Both men and women do their research online when considering a cosmetic procedure. However, men are less likely to book a consultation. You can remedy this problem by posting male-centered content on your blog. In this way, they can have answers to the questions they don’t even know how to ask. Moreover, men are more likely to trust your practice when they know you have male-centered services.

4. Design a gender-neutral clinic

simple clinic

Both men and women will feel more comfortable in a gender-neutral setting. Men, in particular, won’t feel out of place if your clinic is not designed to cater to women, which will help make them feel more comfortable.

The cosmetic and beauty industry is seeing an increasing number of male consumers. However, they are still considered an untapped market. If you want your business to attract more male clientele, gear your marketing strategies towards their wants and needs, both physically and emotionally.

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