Financial Decisions 101: 5 Reasons to Buy an Electric Vehicle

electric car charging

Electric cars have always intrigued people. Some thought that the demand for it will fade, but recent stats show that it is going to be a permanent option from now on. Apart from the introduction of more affordable models, there is also an increase of electric charging stations. Back then, it was one of the reasons why many hesitated to get an electric vehicle. Public charging stations are still not commo

However, in 2019 alone, more than 22,000 stations with 55,000 outlets in total were established. If this information still holds you back, read on for more reasons why you should get an EV for your family.

Fuel Cost Savings

The most obvious benefit of getting an electric car for the family is the savings in fuel costs. It is an excellent incentive as an individual spends an average of $2,000 on gas per year. A fully electric car significantly reduces your gas costs and replaces it with a minimal electric cost. An EV owner can save up to $1,500 per year. It means that you have more funds for other projects and vacations with the whole family.

Eco Friendly

Using a full EV allows you to contribute efforts in saving the environment. It reduces your carbon footprint and greenhouse gas emission. Electric cars no longer have issues with the emission of hazardous gas such as nitrogen oxide, particulates, carbon monoxide, lead, and hydrocarbons.

Reduced Maintenance Costs

car maintenanceApart from the savings you get in fuel costs, driving an electric car also gives you reduced maintenance costs. These cars are built differently than gas-powered cars, and you don’t need to change the oil every so often. Some of the most common car breakdown issues do not apply to electric cars! Less maintenance costs mean more extra budget for car upgrades. You may visit a popular car tint shop or add other accessories to your vehicle.

EVs Are Becoming More Affordable

Over time and with the increasing demand for electric vehicles, manufacturers are producing more options and affordable models. Recent releases have decreased prices, more savings await you with the tax credits. Some models suitable as a family car might be expensive, but some tax credits can go as high as $7,500. There are also newer models that come in a closer price range with gas-powered cars.

Better Driving Experience

Electric cars typically have a lower center of gravity. You will enjoy better driving as they are easier to handle, more comfortable to drive, and are more responsive. EVs are ideal as a family car because it has smoother acceleration or deceleration. It offers a quieter ride than fuel-powered vehicles cannot.

Electric cars are the car of the future and it is great to anticipate this momentous event. As more people pursue cleaner energy consumption, the demand for electric vehicles is increasing. Unlike the first models, EVs today are more conventional and affordable. Many states and businesses are also responding to the shift by opening up more public charging stations. If you are looking for a family car, checking out EV models is an excellent move to make.

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