What Is Apple Fitness+ And Should You Get It?


Last Tuesday, Apple revealed its take of a personalized workout companion — the Apple Fitness+. And for anyone looking to get fit, this might be the sign you’ve been waiting for all this time.

Equipped with multiple features to bring you the best workout possible, we won’t be surprised to see Fitness Plus becoming commonplace in workout sessions and gyms worldwide. However, will it live up to the hype it’s built up? And should you consider it as your next workout buddy?

What Exactly Is Apple Fitness+?

Apple Fitiness+ is Apple’s brand-new health and wellness service that offers workouts plans, incorporates all your favorite music, and is delivered to you by professional trainers from the Apple Fitness+ studio. On top of that, it takes metrics of all your vitals through the Apple watch and gauges your progress according to your needs. Overall, it aims to make your workouts more accessible, exciting, and personalized.

What Makes It Stand Out?

On paper, it does sound a lot like all your everyday workout applications bundled into a single package, and we don’t deny it. However, being a bundle of all the good things is precisely its strength, plus all the extra features that come with it. And here are some of those fun features you can expect:

#1 Super Convenient To Use

Firstly, Apple Fitness+ is currently presenting itself as one of the most super convenient services to track and manage your workouts and progress. And on a sheer scale alone, this subscription service might become everyone’s go-to as soon as it officially launches.

It is integrated into all your Apple devices.

We can’t deny that Apple products and devices are being used everywhere, and having Fitness Plus integrated into all devices is a significant advantage. From tracking your vitals on the Apple watch, a seamless app available on your iPhone, to streaming your workouts on the Apple TV, you can get your workouts done in any way you enjoy best.

Records all your progress through the Apple watch.

Tracking your progress is super tough but plays an essential role in understanding where you currently are on the fitness spectrum. And one major benefit to Fitness+ is the upgrades coming to the Apple watch. From calories burned, to distance traveled, and even blood oxygen sensors. The breakthrough technology available is sure to attract many fitness enthusiasts. ;

#2 Always Something New

Repetitive workouts can get pretty tiresome, and even the body starts adapting to the same range of motions, resulting in diminishing gains if you don’t spice up your workout. However, the average gym-goer can’t always be tasked to make up new workout routines every week, which is where Fitness+ steps in. It promises a new workout every week brought to you by their very own professional trainers at the Apple Fitness+ studio.

Different kinds of workouts.

No one likes doing the same exercise over and over again, and neither does Apple Fitness+. Instead of flooding its workout library with fundamental exercises alone, it offers a wide variety of different kinds of workouts to appeal to every unique individual. So, unlike your casual videos available online, you’ll get vast workout options and a virtual trainer to assist along the way.

To add, here are the kinds of workouts mentioned in Apple’s announcement:

  • Yoga
  • Cycling
  • Dance
  • Treadmill
  • Strength
  • Core
  • HIIT
  • Rowing
  • Mindful Cooldowns

#3 Inexpensive Workout Companion

Lastly, you can enjoy all of these benefits for the inexpensive subscription fee of $9.99/month or $79.99/year, which we consider a bargain for all the content and professional help you’ll get. Sure, you could argue that this imposes added expense on top of your gym membership, but it is well worth the price for the features and convenience.

What’s more, your Fitness+ subscription can be shared up to five people, which means your mom and even the family lawyer can reap the benefits of working out with Fitness+.

Will It Replace Your Current Workout Plans and Routines?


Strictly speaking, it depends.

If you haven’t done any workouts or any training, we highly encourage you to take the Fitness+ route as the interface appears user-friendly and easy to navigate. The way it tracks progress makes the workouts feel more rewarding, which can be super helpful for beginners.

However, the story isn’t the same for more experienced individuals. You might already have the discipline and capabilities of designing your workout plans, which means Fitness+ won’t need to do it for you. The only bonus is the seamless interface and comprehensive vital-tracking features.

Conclusion: It’s A Waiting Game

As of now, though, we’re all left with a waiting game. We’ve only gotten a sneak-peek into Fitness+, and there’s still plenty of time for change and upgrades with Apple’s vague release date of “later this year.” So, to say on the safe side, we urge you not to get on the hype train at the first stop and wait for the next one when Apple Fitness+ is fully fleshed out.

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