How Influencer Marketing Can Help Your Business to Take Off

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Whether you run a struggling enterprise or a soaring venture, integrating influencer marketing can push your business at the forefront of your industry.

Some businesses are at their wits’ ends, trying to whip up compelling campaigns to reach their target audience and boost sales. Luckily, influencer marketing makes it easier for any business to make headway in the digital scene.

Influencer marketing is the process in which brands capitalize on online personalities with distinct niches to extend their social media mileage. With the help of key individuals with specialized credibility and massive social media following, different industries make use of this strategy to communicate their message to their target consumers effectively.

This new wave of digital marketing poses high rewards for up-and-coming businesses. So, what are the advantages of incorporating influencer marketing in your business?

Targeted Marketing

Most marketing efforts in the digital sphere are a bunch of hits and misses. But influencer marketing ensures that your campaign reaches the online shores of your target consumers.

Since social media influencers already cater to a specific niche, it’s easier to sell your brand to the right people. Influencers share the same interests with their followers, so marketing becomes more precise and targeted when employing influencers as ambassadors to your business. By tapping on a suitable influencer, you will be able to send your message loud and clear.

Of course, to make a campaign more effective, you must choose an influencer who is relevant to your industry, fit for your target audience, and aligned with your brand.

If you’re a clothing line, capitalize on an influencer with a niche in fashion. If you’re a sportswear brand, cash in on a big name in the fitness scene. If you’re a tree care provider, work with eco-activists or influencers with a green thumb. By collaborating with influencers that embody your brand and appeal to your target audience, you will reach the right market.

Effective Endorsement

Influencers’ strength lies in their loyal fan base. It’s their faithful followers that make them effective brand ambassadors. They can influence their followers to buy a brand of sunscreen or a certain shade of lipstick they shared on an Instagram post or in a YouTube video. Whatever recommendation that rolls out an influencer’s mouth already makes for effective promotion.

Thus, influencers can improve your credibility and encourage patronage from their positive testimonials about your products and services. In fact, surveys show that 34% of Americans were convinced to make a purchase because of an influencer.

Recent research also proves that influencers are effective endorsers with 89% return of investment and 71% increased website traffic from their paid promotions. This shows how social media personalities can effectively convert brand sponsorship into actual sales.

With the added credibility they bring to the table, every penny spent on an influencer is a good investment.

Increased Visibility

Through influencer marketing, you can climb your way up Google search rankings.

The favorable reviews and multiple mentions you receive from influencers and their followers could make you more visible on search engines. According to Moz, the more credible the sites that link back to you, the more chances your business will climb the SEO ladder.

Certainly, integrating influencers in your marketing plan is a great stepping stone for your business to generate traffic outside the borders of social media and invade the World Wide Web.

Affordable Advertising

Influencer marketing is way cheaper than commercial ads. With higher rewards and fewer costs, almost 17% of companies in 2019 spent half of their budget on influencers.

How much are influencers paid? Pricing depends primarily on the influencers’ follower count. It is said that micro-influencers or people with 6,000 to 10,000 followers earn $88 per post. Meanwhile, social media personalities with 50,000 to 80,000 followers are paid $200 per post. Influencers beyond the mark of 100,000 followers are paid $10 for every 1,000 followers. Those with 250,000 to 500,000 followers can get as much as $670 per post. It’s not bad since you’re paying influencers for campaigns that are engaging and effective.

Streamlined System

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The beauty of influencer marketing is that you let the influencer do the dirty work for you.

You don’t have to be hands-on in the process of content creation because it’s already part of an influencer’s job. Influencers have full control of the creative process and execution of their sponsored content. The company’s sole responsibility is to make sure the material is in line with their vision and brand.

Hiring an online influencer also saves you the hassle of content distribution since influencers already have a running site and a massive following at their disposal. You are simply paying a spot on their platform to showcase your campaign. For a more extensive form of promotion, there are also influencers with multiple platforms to place their sponsored content.

In this day and age, businesses must adapt to the digital climate to get ahead. And with the rise of digital marketing, it won’t hurt to test the waters and see where it will take you.

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