How to Make Your Clothes Last for Long

We all have that favorite shirt that we simply don’t want to throw away even though it has been through the wash cycle so many times that it barely retains its form or color. In an ideal world, we can make our clothes last much longer than they do. But there are ways to do laundry that enable us to get more out of our clothes. Follow some of these simple rules to have better-looking garments for longer:

Don’t mix different colored clothes

We keep hearing this advice over the ages. But sometimes we are just too lazy to stick to these rules. This is a mistake. Always wash your colored clothes separately from white ones. Some even go a step farther and wash each different color separately. This is not just convenient because you can add bleach to the white clothes. Even small amounts of color can wash off the colored fabrics and discolor the ones that are lighter.

Follow the correct laundry and dry cleaning instructions

When you buy a new piece of clothing, don’t just toss it into the wash. Take the time to read the label and what the washing instructions say. Some clothes should not be bleached or tumble dried, while others need to be washed at a specific temperature to retain shape and quality. When in doubt, send your clothes to a cleaning professional. Always follow the laundry and dry cleaning instructions if you are to do it on your own.

Don’t dry-clean too frequently

Dry cleaning is a process used to clean clothes that cannot be washed using water. It is a process similar to a regular machine washing. But the water is replaced with a solvent that gets rid of stains and dirt. This is used for clothes that will be damaged by the water and heat used in regular washing. Dry cleaning often uses harsh chemicals.

Although certain fabrics require dry cleaning, doing it too much can lead to the wear of the material. Instead of sending your entire cloth for dry cleaning, try to spot-clean as much as possible. The best thing to do is to avoid wearing delicate and expensive clothes for a long time and in places where they can get sweaty or dirty.

Wash delicate clothes separately

Delicate clothes such as underwear and silk clothes will lose their shape and structure if washed in a regular tumble dry. Use the setting in your washing machine, or send them to a professional cleaner. Putting them through high temperatures and intense spin cycles will wear them out fast.

Use a high-quality, natural detergent

Clothes hanging in hangers

Detergents that use regular chemicals are harsher than natural detergents. They are prone to being overused, and they can affect the quality of your clothes. Always use a gentle, hypoallergenic, and natural detergent, which is easy on your clothes and also on the environment.

It is important to wash your clothes with a fabric softener and use dryer sheets every time you put them in the dryer. Remember to hang up your clothes to dry if at all possible so that they can last longer. Most importantly, follow all clothing care instructions to ensure that your clothes last as long as expected.

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