Life After Divorce: Why You Shouldn’t Fear It

Conflict between man and woman

Recently, news broke out about a man from Long Island who took his wife hostage. After the four-hour stand-off with the Suffolk County Police Hostage Negotiation Team and Emergency Service Section officers, cops knocked down the front door. They found the man’s wife dead with a gunshot wound.

Scenarios such as the one stated above are not new. In the US, one-third of all the women murdered are killed by an intimate partner.

No one knows if their marital problem could have been solved by the help of divorce lawyers in Suffolk County or not. Neighbors of the couple stated in an interview that the husband is a good member of the community, that the act of murdering his wife seems like an impossibility. It proves how abusers, either physical or emotional, can be anyone in society.

Cases are not the same. Sometimes, a marital dilemma can be resolved by time, patience, and conversation. There are cases, however, in which prolonging the situation leads to abuse, or worse, death. At the same time, there are cases where both couples are still amicable towards each other.

If you think that it’s time to call it quits, yet you are having doubts on life after a divorce, here’s a guide on what to expect:

You will have the time to pursue what you desire.

Prioritizing your marriage can sometimes make you forget about your dreams and desires. You spend your days thinking about another person, not only yourself. Once you’re divorced, your time- the now and the future- is yours once more. You have the time to pursue or explore the passions that were long extinguished.

You can start putting yourself first. It can be as simple as binge-watching a show you’ve been dying to watch or as vital as pursuing a career in another city. The choice to change the layout of your home furniture or redecorate the house altogether

You will feel emotionally lighter.

a happy woman

Divorce can be the starting point of your healing process. Once you have accepted your situation, your emotional load will feel lighter. Keep in mind that the lightness will not come from forgetting, but on the promise of a future that you will choose for yourself. Going through the process is taxing, but in that vulnerable state, you’ll find the strength you didn’t know you have.

Your circle of friends could become smaller… or bigger.

As a couple, chances are, you have mutual friends. In instances such as divorce, it’s inevitable for some of your friends to choose a side even if they shouldn’t. That way, you’ll know who your real friends are. Do not regret the people you will lose along the way, especially if it means you’ll be getting the peace you need and want in your life. As you get your life together, you’ll have a new journey ahead of you. And on that journey, you’ll meet new people.

Knowing the right time to call a divorce lawyer is difficult. Ending a relationship, much more, marriage is emotionally taxing. Eventually, it can be precisely what you and your family need.

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