Slow-paced Living for Expat Retirees

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Warm weather all year round, friendly locals, and seriously low prices — Townsville is a great place for retirees. It is a much more laid-back Miami. It’s close to the ocean, but it doesn’t have high prices.

Winter Will Not Be Coming

It’s like summer every day in Australia, with temperatures rarely going below 50°F even in the coldest months. The warm climate is great for your bones and joints, but make sure to get air conditioning in case it gets too warm. Because you’ll be living on the “wrong side” of the planet, the seasons will be switched. June to August are the cooler months, while what you expect to be the winter months of December to February is actually summer in Australia. Like Miami, expect a few hard showers once in a while — but nothing like the hurricanes that hit Florida.

Great Big Houses at Less than US0,000

Property in Townsville is half the cost of those in Florida or anywhere in the USA. While $100,000 might not even be enough to buy a condo in the USA, it’s more than enough to buy a 2-3 bedroom bungalow with a decent backyard in Townsville. Renting a furnished house (900 square feet) will cost around $1,000 and smaller studios (450 square feet) will cost around $650.

Golfing and Diving

Whether on land or sea, you can get your fill of leisurely activities in Townsville. The Great Barrier Reef is just around the corner, providing one of the best diving spots in the world. With clear skies for most of the year, you can take to the sea and marvel at the rich aquatic wildlife any time you choose. If you’d rather stay on dry land, the city has several golf courses where you can take a stroll while playing a few holes.

Friendly Neighbors

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Australians definitely rival Canadians when it comes to friendliness. Your neighbors will be friendly and accommodating, maybe even a little too trusting once they realize you’re an expat. Political divisions aren’t as wide as they are in the USA, and people rarely take your political leanings into consideration before becoming friends. Almost everyone will speak English, so you won’t have problems communicating. You just need to get used to the thick down under accent.

Laid-back Living

Townsville doesn’t have the feel of the big city. There is a more relaxed atmosphere with none of the bustle and rush of city living. The city isn’t too crowded and the residents are more laid-back. While some folks might consider this boring, it’s perfect for retirees who just want to go about their day in peace. The city captures the suburb feel to a tee but still offers a ton of activities to keep you entertained.

While crossing to the other side of the world to retire might seem a bit extreme, Australian suburbs make it worth it. If you’re looking for a quiet life with sun, fun, and friendly neighbors, then look no further than Townsville.

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