On Selling Your Home: Signs It’s Time to Let Go of Your Real Estate Agent

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Selling a real estate property is one venture that might test your bravery and patience. It is not an easy thing to do, especially that you do not have the right network and leads. In such a case, you will need the help of a real estate agent.

Basically, real estate agents bridge you to the right buyers who might be willing to buy your home at your desired price. However, you need to work with a reliable agent, as the wrong one might make you end up spending more than you should. If you think that your real estate agent is underperforming or is too lax about their job, here are some red flags that can help you validate your presumption:

Your house can’t find a buyer

Your goal is to sell your home, and you hope that through a real estate agent, the process will be much quicker and more efficient. But it’s been months, and your home can’t find a suitable buyer. If this happens, you should consider firing them. Your home might not be selling because your agent does not know the local market or does not have the right leads. They might have even advised you to put a high price tag on your property, which is why many don’t want to check it out.

Your agent does not value your time

You might have canceled your appointment with your orthodontist so that you can make it in time for the meeting with your agent because of important paperwork. However, you’ve found out that they stood you up. If this has been happening for a long time, it simply means that your agent does not value your time. As real estate agents, they should know that meeting their clients on time is a must. Occasional tardiness is okay, but leaving you at short notice is a big no-no!

Communication is one-way

real estate agentDoes your real estate agent hog the conversations? Are appropriate reactions from them always absent? Either way, it goes to show that communication just goes one way. If they do not take your opinions and request into account, it might be because they are doing whatever they can to make the transactions favorable for them. This is a bad practice, as it is a must that your requests and demands are duly met. But you must make sure that your requests are feasible.

They make decisions on your behalf

You are the homeowner, and you call the shots. If your real estate agent has been making decisions without your consent, let them go as soon as possible. They can be your representative for the sales transaction, but that does not mean that they will make decisions for you.

Decide now. Decide fast

You want to sell your home in the most efficient way possible. If this goal is not achieved, it’s only logical to let go of your real estate agent. However, it is always wise to check the contract that you have signed with them to avoid liabilities and legal repercussions.

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