Workplace Integrity: How Do You Establish It?

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In a world where there is so much emphasis on looking out for number, our values tend to be compromised. We live in a world where results are all that matters. As long as you get things done, it doesn’t matter how you get there.

You hear stories about how certain relatives of wealthy people connive and try to manipulate themselves into the last will. A trust attorney can only do so much in these instances. Without honesty and integrity, a lot of people will be taken advantage of.

What Is Integrity?

By definition, integrity is simply the quality of honesty and evidence of strong moral principles that a person possesses. It is seen in the way a person behaves and how he handles his business and affairs when no one is looking. It is manifest in an individual’s consistency in moral uprightness in thoughts, words, and actions regardless of the situation.

Why Is Integrity Important?

Integrity is not just important in our personal lives. It is also crucial to the success of a business.

It is one of the foundations that coworkers build trust and relationships. It is also one of the core values that employers and recruitment managers look for. People that have integrity are dependable. They are responsible, self-aware, accountable, truthful, and consistent.

Integrity in the workplace also solidifies the cohesion between team members, which boosts efficiency and overall productivity.

Given its importance, a culture of integrity should be built and established in your workplace. It should be one of management’s top priorities. Here are some ways that you can incorporate it into your work environment.

Building a Culture of Integrity at Work

  1. Walk your talk.

Have you ever talked to someone who has a problem and you gave that person somewhat challenging advice? We all have been guilty of that at least once in our lives. The thing is, unless you were in that person’s exact situation, things are easier said than done.

It may be hard to practice what you preach, especially if you’re used to sounding wise. The real fruit of integrity will be seen in how you walk your talk.

  1. Let your word be your bond.

If you want a solid reputation wherever you go, you should always learn to keep your promises. That being said, you should be mindful of the things that you say. Don’t say things to make a good impression with no plans of fulfilling it. Always let your yes be a yes and, if the situation calls for it, let your no be no, too.

  1. Pay attention to your surroundings

Little things such as the cleanliness of your workstation or desk somehow give people a hint about your personality. Organization and cleanliness say a lot about a person’s character and integrity.

  1. Focus as if your life depended on it.

Whatever you do, distractions will always be present. Whether it comes in the form of an annoying workmate or unexpected things that happen, distractions are a normal part of life. All the more that you need to condition your mind to focus on the tasks that need to be accomplished. Giving your all in everything you do speaks volumes about your character.

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  1. Be around good and honest people.

Like begets like. If you want to be wise, you keep yourself in the company of people who are wiser and smarter than you. If you want to be creative, you need to be exposed to highly-creative and artistically-inspired people. If you want to build integrity, you need to surround yourself with good and honest people.

  1. Take ownership and responsibility.

Like distractions, mistakes are a normal part of life. It is what makes us human. While grace and mercy are good qualities, one should also learn to take responsibility and ownership for any mistake that was committed, especially if it negatively affects the company and the workforce. Admitting to a fault and taking responsibility for it is admirable. It shows humility and a willingness to rectify the situation.

  1. Encourage honest and objective communication.

A healthy line of communication is a must in any relationship, including working relationships. Implement an open-door policy in your office that will allow employees to talk to management freely and not be intimidated or be afraid of getting judged (or perhaps even fired) for speaking their minds. Doing this shows that you trust everyone and value each person’s inputs and thoughts.

We cannot put enough emphasis on this particular core value. When all else fails for your company, as long as your integrity is intact, it will be a lot easier to recover what was lost and rebuild. Integrity will help keep you in the game longer and give you more success.

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