Role of Chiropractic Care in Pregnancy

pregnant woman inside a clinic

Pregnancy marks one of the most exciting moments in a woman’s life. Multiple body changes might, unfortunately, make this the most uncomfortable time in some women’s lives. The discomfort is primarily linked to the body and hormonal changes you will go through. Several management alternatives have been introduced through the years to counter the discomfort and other issues experienced during pregnancy. Some are, nonetheless, ineffective and dangerous for you and your unborn child.

Physical therapy sessions handled by a chiropractor based in Chandler, Arizona and other locations are among the safest methods for alleviating and preventing several issues in pregnancy. Though all licensed chiropractors have some basic training in pregnancy care, some specialize in prenatal care. For their therapy, chiropractors will use specific adjusting tables that accommodate the growing belly and make you comfortable.

The following are the primary effects of chiropractic care on your pregnancy:

Relief of Musculoskeletal Pain

When pregnant, your body will produce more progesterone and estrogen than usual to sustain the pregnancy. These hormonal changes decrease your muscle tone, make your ligaments lax, and cause the body to start storing considerable amounts of fat. These changes often cause the displacement of your spine. The postural changes related to your spine’s inward curvature also result in lower back pain and musculoskeletal issues.

Chiropractic care focuses on several adjustment techniques that will alleviate back and low limb pain. Treatment starts with 6-12 sessions within a 3-6 week timeframe to stabilize you. You will then be on a monthly maintenance program for the remainder of your pregnancy to avert spine misalignment.

Relief of Morning Sickness

The brain and the centers in the brain that control issues like nausea and vomiting are innervated in the spinal column. The nerves also control your gastric enzyme release and will cause heartburns and gastric reflux when misaligned. Spine manipulation will adjust the regions that control your visceral organs. In so doing, episodes of morning sickness and headaches will be relieved. This way, you can retain the foods you eat and boost your nutrition.

Increased Room for the Growth of Your Baby

Chiropractor massaging a pregnant woman

A misaligned spine also affects the available space in your pelvis. With a restricted space, your growing baby will not have as much room to grow and might be underweight and suffer congenital disabilities. The spine manipulations in chiropractic care decrease the constraints on your pelvis. In so doing, there is enough space in your pelvis for the growing baby.

Ease of a Natural Delivery

One of the complications of pelvic misalignment is related to your delivery. When the pelvis is not aligned correctly, it is hard for your baby to change into the rear-facing head down position for his/her birth. This will result in a breach and usually calls for a cesarean section delivery. The spinal alignment achieved in chiropractic care increases the odds of natural childbirth and minimizes birth complications.

Most pregnant women steer clear of chiropractic care, believing it is harmful to their baby and will compromise their pregnancy. With the above benefits, this will be one of the best investments you will make for your pregnancy. The manipulations are safe and only contraindicated in those with ectopic pregnancies, toxemia, and placenta previa or abruption.

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