Safety Tips For Motorcyclists When Lane Splitting

Motorcycling used to be just a hobby. Today, motorcycles have grown to be one of the leading forms of transportation in most states. This has not only been influenced by the exhilaration of a bike ride but also the avoidance of traffic jams.

Unfortunately, motorcyclists remain one of the most disadvantaged road users. Other road users assume they are naturally careless, and this assumption is, unfortunately, the same in courtrooms.

Without an experienced motorcycle accident injury lawyer, it is challenging and mostly impossible to get compensation as a motorcyclist even in an accident that was not your fault.

One common element most defendants will focus on to dismiss your claim is your driving style. Lane splitting is one of the aspects of motorcycling that has had the worst of raps for some time. In most states, in fact, lane splitting is somewhat a legal grey area.

The following are some tactics for reducing your fault and boosting your defense should need to arise when lane splitting.

Avoid Lane Splitting Near Large Vehicles

Most motorcyclists will lane split anywhere they see enough space to squeeze in. Lane splitting between two large vehicles nonetheless poses a considerable risk of a fatal accident. This is because it reduces your visibility to other road users and their visibility to you. It thus increases the possibility of a head-on collision with another vehicle or motorcycle or hitting pedestrians. Big rigs, buses, and motorhomes are not vehicles you should lane split next to.

Consider the Environmental Elements When Lane Splitting

Just because it looks like there is space that will fit your bike does not mean you should ride on it. Before lane splitting, consider the elements in your environment. These include the lane’s width, lighting conditions, the road’s condition, and the weather. Considering only one aspect in exclusion of others only increases your odds of an accident and your level of fault in its causation.

Wear Protective Clothing

Most motorcyclists consider protective clothing only essential for new riders. As they hone their riding skills, therefore, most will ditch their protective gear for leather jackets and pants that are considered trendier. Even with these, ensure you wear reflective clothing and other protective equipment like knee pads and a helmet. The lack of protective riding gear is the primary element that will topple any chances of compensation for you in a motorcycle accident.

Stick To the Speed Limit

Biker driving a motorcycle ride along the asphalt road

In lane splitting, most motorcyclists are tempted to exceed a road’s speed limit since there is little stopping them from doing so. A high-speed differential between you and the other motorcycles and vehicles on the road will, however, put you and other road users at considerable risk of an accident. Exceeding the speed limit irrespective of the traffic flow on the road will only paint one as a careless rider and the one at fault in an accident.

Motorcycle insurance is expensive. Being convicted as the one at fault in an accident will only serve to increase your insurance premiums and kick you out of riding or leave a dent in your finances. The above preventive measures go a long way in protecting yourself from lawsuits when lane splitting.

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