Surviving the Summer Heat: Easy Strategies for the Homeowner

Summer heat

Summers are notorious in the country. Videos of people frying an egg on the side of the road surface in the peak of the Brisbane summer heat. While there are a lot of ways to cool down and get a quick escape from the hot reality that is Australian summer, they often cost a lot and can be quite a burden in the pockets when you see your power bills. Fortunately, there are a lot of alternative ways to keep your home cooler during summer without blasting your air conditioning units to the lowest temperature.

Be Well-insulated

Homes in Brisbane with well-insulated roof panels will experience summer differently than a home that has faulty insulation. A good insulation system is designed to retain the coolness during summer and the heat during winters. Do not underestimate your need to have quality functioning ones. While you’re at it, make sure your doors and windows are also functioning properly as they also play a huge role in regulating temperatures in your home.

Unplug and Turn off

Make it a habit to turn off the lights and other appliances when not in use. Running appliances produce heat, and when it accumulates, it contributes to a higher temperature. Unplugging is a better solution for ones that you do not regularly use (i.e. the washing machine, vacuum, etc.). Plugged appliances also emit heat in your home even though they are on standby.

Open the Windows

Enjoy the natural breeze during early mornings and late nights. Opening the windows in your home allows air to move in freely, improving air circulation and making you feel more comfortable even without your air conditioning unit.

Use Shades

Installing shades outdoors, like retractable awnings and patio shades, can provide you the sahde you need to protect yourself from the heat of the sun. These shades protect you from the sun’s UV rays and lower the temperature of your environment.

Time Your Cooking

Avoid cooking in the middle of the day when the sun is shining the highest. The heat used in cooking, as well as the smoke it produces, spread to your home, making the overall temperature higher than usual. Pre-plan your meals and make use of microwave ovens or crockpots in heating them.

Makeshift Coolers

Cooling off with water bottles

Making your fan run counter-clockwise can make the heat go up to the ceiling instead of emitting it out to you. Making use of ice cubes and putting it in front of the fan can also help emit cool air. It might not be as cool as having your air conditioning units on, but it can help give you comfort for a lower price. In India, some families traditionally soaked curtains in ice-cold water and placed it near an open window. The air that passes through the curtain becomes cooler.

Whether you love summer or dread it, knowing the tricks to make your home cooler the natural way is always a welcome option. Keep these things in mind and know how you can survive this summer and the succeeding ones to come.

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