Weekly Tips to Sanitize the Workplace

People cleaning an office

How clean is too clean? Tricky question? It’s really not. Especially when it comes to offices—the constant traffic of people, guests, clients, workers, and general personnel make it a shockingly dirty place. Of course, that’s why cleaning service providers or janitorial companies in Kansas city exist. With their help, you can make sure your place is spick and span in no time.

While you can certainly do a daily sweep and cleaning by your own internal janitorial staff, there are certain merits to holding a weekly general cleaning session (preferably while your employees are away), in contrast to a monthly one. In fact, it’s fair to say that this should be the standard, as there are several ways for outside contaminants to get into your office and potentially get all of you sick.

So, if you’re starting to feel like your floors are a little too dusty and your rooms a little too musty, here are some weekly cleaning tips that you can implement around the workplace:


No one likes a smelly bathroom—and with the number of people using the office restrooms, this is something that you’ll be able to see (and smell) if it isn’t taken care of. While daily cleaning is something that you can instruct your staff to do, weekly general cleaning of the bathroom wouldn’t go amiss either.

This means that aside from scrubbing the floor and toilets, you should also take a look at the piping, de-contaminate the walls, and air out the bathroom after it’s cleaned. One of the most common culprits of bad bathrooms is all the moisture that’s trapped in there—use the opportunity while your employees are gone to air it out.

Air conditioning equipment

We tend to leave air conditioning equipment in the background of our operations. Sure, we can remember to turn it on and off whenever the workday demands it, but more often than not we only ever have it inspected when it breaks down or stops functioning.

One of the ways that you can avoid this problem is by conducting a weekly inspection and cleanup of your AC units. Clean the filters, check the water exhaust, and make sure that no dust is trapped inside the unit. They can get surprisingly dirty due to all the particulates people can track inside and should be cleaned thoroughly to prevent them from breaking down.


Cleaning office table

Finally, something that you should do is to individually decontaminate every desk, laptop, keyboard, and monitor at least once a week. With the number of bacteria present in everyone using them, it’s a good way to not only keep them healthy but to prevent diseases from spreading in the first place.

It’s also highly unlikely that your employees will also bother doing this, so this is a gesture that they’ll certainly appreciate from upper management. Proper hygiene not only works on an office level but can extend far into the personal belongings and spaces of each employee — and taking the time each week to make sure they’re up to par in terms of cleanliness is a good investment.

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