The Basement Project: 3 Easy Ways to Revamp This Space

Bare home basement

Looking to give your basement a fresh new look? We’ve got some things to share with you from our most recent home improvement project, this time focusing on our basement. Here’s how we turned the place around.

Cool Flooring

Industrial epoxy floorings are all the rage right now. Not only does it look cool, but it’s also perfect for sprucing up a room that is likely to have plain dull floors. The pop of color from the floor design instantly gave the basement a cool and playful vibe.

The shine on the floor reflects light that helps make the room look brighter and livelier. The spontaneous artsy look of the floor is the main attraction of the room, and for us, that meant less work on decorating the place to make it come alive.

Its unique look totally transformed the room and made it easier for us to unify the entire look of the room. The color intensity can be manipulated, and the designs occur in a more organic pattern, making every line, swirl, and all of the complexity of each design unique and one of a kind.

It truly spruced up the look of our basement.

Sleek Storage

To maximize the floor space, we hugged the available sides of the walls with sleek, hidden cabinets. It maintains a streamlined look that doesn’t look overwhelming and doesn’t cramp the space up. The storage system looks like an augmented portion of the wall.

The doors can be opened using the carved handles at the base of it. This allowed for storing other non-regular use items like seasonal decorations, beddings, and other household supplies. It also houses basement items, so that everything that’s needed in the hang out is within reach.

A Murphy desk was also installed in one corner side which can be used as a workspace. Another hidden cabinet conceals bar items and drinks and converts into a mini-bar when opened.

Comfortable Furniture and Fun Furnishings

basement turned into an entertainment room

Lastly, we invested in weatherized furniture. Basements tend to have a humid indoor environment, what with the lack of natural ventilation and natural sunlight. Investing in mold and mildew protector for the couches, most notably, is a must, to prolong the life of the furniture.

Most of the furniture used in this room is easy to clean and made with materials and have surfaces that are less likely to encourage mold and mildew growth. As this room is meant to be an entertainment area, there are a few fun furnishings inside.

These include a foosball table, a 7-foot pool table, and a board game table in one corner, close to the cabinet part that stores the board games and puzzles. With careful planning and being creative with the way we use the space, we were able to come up with a layout that allowed us to free up more space.

We can use this for creating zones and corners to serve other functions like a work area, a playroom for the kids, and a hangout for the grown-ups for when we have friends over for a little catching up with some bar drinks.

The use of modern design fused with traditional concepts resulted in a space that we enjoy hanging out in, and truth be told, we can’t get enough of the space, especially our out of this world floor, which is the best part of our overall design.

Planning to fix up your basement, too? What are the new and traditional designs that you’d like to incorporate in your design? Let us know in the comments! We’d love to hear from you!

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