Why Is It Important for the Youth to Engage in Community Development?

Community development

The community is essential to the development of the youth sector. After-school programs take the youth out to the streets and give them meaningful activities to follow. Every community should make it a point to involve the youth in their activities, causes, and programs. Now more than ever, the youth sector needs to acknowledge how they can make changes in the community. Understanding their influence on government policies and society will hone the skills they need in their adult lives.

For example, there’s a demolition and cleanup activity in the neighborhood. The community should come together and ensure that the demolition team will safeguard neighboring houses and establishments. The community must demand that the demolition will not affect the existing structures. There should also be no traces of asbestos and other chemicals found in older buildings in the air.

The youth can play a vital role in this cause. They can bring the problem on social media so that everyone will become watchdogs. They can demand accountability, making sure that the demolition team is using environmentally friendly processes.

But the youth should not only use their power to protest against issues that directly affect them. They can also use these after-school programs and activities to avoid the dangers of peer pressure. Instead of spending their time wallowing on insecurities and worries, they can put their energy into sports, arts, music, and theater.

Do Better in School

Those who take part in community development do better in school. They are more engaged in their academics and extracurricular activities. They understand the importance of getting good grades. They are more responsible students than those who do not join community programs.

Avoid Dangerous Crowds

Peer pressure has the power to lure the youth into doing bad things. Being active in the community will help these kids stay away from the bad crowd. They will see how it’s better to do good than getting pressured to bad things. The thrill of running in with the bad crowd will dissipate. What’s left is the encouragement of their other peers to do good in school and the community.

Promote Physical Health

Most after-school activities are centered around sports. Whether it’s gymnastics, tennis, or basketball, the kids will be exposed to healthy and active lifestyles. So many great athletes today started their careers doing sports after school. Eventually, they fell in love with it, trained hard, and brought their talents to the professional level.

Provide a Safe Environment

Children of working parents suffer the most when there’s nothing else to do after school. They spend their time in the mall. They go with the bad crowd. They experiment with different things. An after-school activity will be the safest thing for the youth to engage in while their parents are working.

The role of the youth sector in the community cannot be emphasized enough. Community events and activities can change these kids’ perspectives. These can hone their skills, which they can use later in life. These can open up opportunities that will allow the kids to succeed.

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