Your Guide to Buying a Property in Donnybrook

Buying a Property

In 1842, Europeans settled in an area where apples are now growing abundantly. The name of this place is Donnybrook. The suburb exudes a lot of picturesque settings that inspire numerous visitors, not to mention the abundance of English Oak trees. The Irishtown is also at the western portion of the townsite.

With a vast range of available house and land packages in and around Donnybrook, you can ensure that your family will live peacefully and your children will grow the way you want them to.

To find the best property based on what family needs, consider this guide for your convenience.

Property Prices

In Western Australia, there are lots of vacant lands suitable for residence and business. Depending on the size of the area and the type of structure, the property cost in the suburb ranges from roughly $296k up to $389k. The median house price in 2018 was around $285k.

Available Businesses in Donnybrook

Situated between Boyanup and Kirup on the South Western Highway, Donnybrook is a productive suburb where merchants are so inclined in selling fruits and vegetables. Because there are lots of massive raw lands that you can buy, you can be sure that you’ll have adequate space for your backyard. Whether you sell them or intend for personal use, growing fruits and vegetables is not a difficult undertaking to accomplish because of the considerable climate.

Moving forward, many people are also good at producing some of the finest wines in the world. When you visit the suburb, some of the remarkable spots are the wineries. You too can grow grapes right in your backyard. You might also want to grow olives and nuts, and you’ll enjoy it.

Buying a Property

Donnybrook Demographics

According to the 2016 Census QuickStats, the majority of the population is composed of young people — 5 to 9 years of age. This indicates that families prefer moving to the suburb because they know that their children are safe and close to nature as they grow. Moreover, the median age of residents in the suburb is 43.

More about the demographics, you’ll notice that there are only a few senior individuals in Donnybrook — ranging from 1.7% – 5.3% of the total population. It must be because of the type of business that the suburb is home to — most of the residents are farming for a living. Interestingly, 1,162 married couples are in the suburb.

The majority of people are Australians. Next to the list are English people. Interestingly, there are also Taiwanese and Filipinos in the suburb.

Education in the Suburb

Providing education for your children is a must. In Donnybrook, you won’t have a hard time looking for the primary school being run by the government, as there are many of them available across the suburb. Secondary schools and universities are also accessible. Interestingly, the majority of the population has reached “Certificate level III.”

Donnybrook has more for you. Aside from wineries and massive land for farming, people in the suburb are also into fishing. You’ll find lots of fresh trouts. Donnybrook is a perfect place to start a family; a green environment that brings good health.

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