Commonly Used Equipment in the Oil Field

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Oil rigs and fields are complicated affairs. There are a hundred different machines, each for a specific purpose. If you are thinking of spending any amount of time at an oil rig or are doing some research into the oil mining process, you should know what are some of the most common Downhole products used in Oklahoma oil rigs. Here, we describe some of them for you:


There are many different kinds of pumps used in the oil and gas industry. It is extremely important as a large volume of oil or water has to be pumped out of the ground often. They can be used in any part of the process, from transferring the fluid across pipelines to circulating mud. Some of the types of pumps that are used for this include centrifugal pumps, which are good at handling low viscosity fluids such as crude oil, oil pumps, which are used to pump oil out of the ground, and various metered pumps to handle chemicals used in the process.


These are a large part of the industry. Large pipelines are required to transfer the raw material to places where it can be processed. Pipes are generally very large and made of steel. Sometimes, they are specially treated for the handling of petrochemicals. They can handle high pressures. They need to be very sturdy to prevent any expensive leaks.


Oil Pump Jack

Oil rigs can be of varying sizes. Because the environment surrounding them can be so different, the drills can also vary largely by specification. Some of the most common types of drills include jackups, which are basically mobile drills. These are smaller than immoveable drills. Long-term and new projects use platform rigs, which are built into the ground. There are also special floater drills that are used to drill underwater. Drills also contain special parts that allow them to drill both horizontally and vertically.


The drilling process in oil extraction requires having to remove gas buildup from the mud that is produced. The best types of degassers are vacuum degassers, which work by suctioning out the gas. But they cannot handle large amounts of mud, and they are better suited for some sensitive systems. Centrifugal degassers have higher capacity. They work by moving the mud fast using centrifugal force so that all the gas bubbles are forced to rise up to the surface and escape.

Shale Shakers

Drilling for oil requires drilling fluid, which can be very expensive. It is important to keep the drilling fluid as clean as possible, which is why shale shakers are used in the rig. The used drilling fluid flows through these machines, where debris such as pieces of rock are then sieved out. Without shale shakers, drilling machinery would not last very long. They are also important for geologists to figure out the type of rock the ground is composed of.

There are other various types of equipment used in the field, such as mud pumps or desanders. We have covered the most important ones here.

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